It was the headbutt felt all around the football and reality television world. However, “victim” Evelyn Lozada has decided to break her silence. In her first interview since the entire headbutt incident, she does her best impression of a battered woman. She admits to still loving Johnson and that it was no one’s fault, he just made a very bad decision. The interview looks to be quite ridiculous. Most people do not even know who she is. She is portrayed on television as being an aggressive woman who is constantly fighting with someone. In one episode of the show, “Basketball Wives”, Lozada is seen jumping across a table to attack her former best friend Jennifer Williams. This entire thing just seems so fake and absurd. It is far too late for her to try and get the public on her side. These reality television stars need to learn that actual important life events do not HAVE to be discussed on television. That is not how normal people handle life. A preview of the interview, which airs tonight, is below.