College football has started and I am sure one school is not has thrilled as it has been in past years. Penn State has been filled with negative press after the biggest scandal in all of college sports. While trying to move one and pick up the pieces, the Nittany Lions tried to put on a show for the remaining fans. Well, it did start out positive for the Lions who led 14-3 at the half. However, it seemed as though they just fell asleep during the last two quarters. The Ohio Bobcats came back to score 24 unanswered points winning the game 24-14. Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin did throw two touchdowns for 260 yards, but had one interception. Some fans found victory in just being able to see football at Beaver Stadium and that their beloved school was not given the death penalty. I am sure new head coach Bill O’Brien will feel the pressure as this team struggles all season. Their top prospects are long gone, their reputation forever tainted, and the morale that was the Joe Paterno way of football passed away along with him. This will take the Lions a very long time to recover from and it is really not fair to the new talent how harsh the NCAA was. What Sandusky did has nothing to do with the future football players who dreamed of playing at Penn State. I think that everyone should root for Penn State’s remaining players in that maybe through this tragedy they can find camaraderie.