After weeks of speculations about who would take the legendary seat next to Kelly Ripa, it was announced this morning just what everyone else already knew. New York Giants great, Michael Strahan, has taken over officially for Regis. The show kept it a secret up until the very last second in which he was announced. It looked like the president was about to walk out onto the red carpet that they had rolled out for him. In his first segment as an official host, we actually got to see the man known for taking out quarterbacks we see him lift Kelly up and tear up! Who knew defensive ends got emotional! He seemed a little nervous, but he became much more comfortable as time went on. The two joked about tabloids to tooth fairies. Kelly even made a joke that they had painted the walls 49ers colors to make Michael feel at home. Tomorrow and Thursday should be good shows as his former team opens up the NFL season against major rival Dallas.