As the baseball regular season starts to wind down in New York, there is one final ounce of drama left. This has been going on for the past ten years and it is really quite ridiculous. The New York Mets might not be the best baseball team, but they are one of the most generous. They do not get nearly enough credit for all the charity work they do and how much they love New York. After September 11, 2001, the Mets knew New York City needed a way to try and put the pieces back together after such tragedy. They won a huge game a week later against the Atlanta Braves that put a smile back on New Yorkers’ faces. The players decided to show their respect and appreciation for the police officers and fire fighters who risked their lived by wearing baseball caps with the logos of each on it instead of the traditional team cap. Eleven years later, the Mets find themselves playing the Braves on September 11th yet again. Year after year, the Mets ask Commissioner Bud Selig if they can pay their respects like the former players did in 2001. Selig always says no. I would love to hear the explanation for that one. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the players wanting to show some respect and honor the victims of the most horrendous day in US history. It is a small sign that no one has forgotten those who perished and America will continue to be stronger for them. Baseball officials should be worried about so many other things. This small act of gratification means so much to the victims’ families and all those who were affected by the tragedy. The players will be allowed to wear the hats during batting practice and the singing of our national anthem as has been the tradition in the past years.