The season opener did not quite go the way the New York Giants would have liked. The ultra confident bunch seemed lackadaisical in their effort on Wednesday night on both sides of the ball. Rookie running back David Wilson got his opportunity to continue his explosive play, however, he ended up fumbling the ball and was benched for the rest of the night. “We’re playing the opening game of the year,” Coughlin said. “It’s a divisional game. We had just driven the ball. We’re going to be a bit reluctant. This is not preseason. This is serious business now.” Wilson was said to be extremely distraught with his performance, but denies reports that he was moved to tears. Either way it is good that he is passionate and hopefully veteran Ahmad Bradshaw can take him under his wing. However, it was all Wilson’s fault for the Giants’ loss. The defense appeared to sleepwalk for the second half. The Giants are already hurting at the cornerback position and it seems they lost another one during the game as Michael Coe was taken out of the game early. This left Justin Tryon to cover the man with the hot hands all nights, Kevin Ogletree. He showed the world that he is someone to watch out for this season. Both Prince Amukamara and Michael Coe say they will be ready for Weeks 2 as the Giants look to bounce back with a big win against Tampa Bay. The Giants did have great moments, but they did not seem to capitalize on them. A prime example would be the huge interception Michael Boley caught, but only resulted in a field goal. That should have been an easy seven points as the Giants run failed them once again. Star wide receiver Hakeem Nicks admitted to playing through pain throughout the game, but says he will play during Week 2. Victor Cruz also appeared to be having an off night which is something Giants’ fans are not accustomed to. Cruz had three huge dropped passes during the game and was really a non-factor in it. The Giants pass rush, unfortunately also seemed to be walking during the game. Both Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora never seemed to be involved in any of the plays and did not seem to put as much pressure on Romo as fans have become accustomed to. Jason Pierre-Paul was seen running all over the field especially when matched up with the injured Jason Witten who looked like he wanted no part of him. Rocky Bernard accounted for the only sack of the game. Eli Manning still looked like the elite quarterback the football world has come to learn about, but received no help from his receivers. Former Cowboy Martellus Bennett caught a touchdown pass. Is it time for the Giants to panic? No, of course not. This is still only one game and the Giants did lose their season opener last year against a division rival. The Giants need to get back into that “All In” mentality again and play like the underdog.