The Yankees have become quite a mess lately. Their ace, CC Sabathia, gave up three homers and did not look like the dominate stopper fans have come to expect. As if that was not bad enough, the Yankees ended up losing the game on a very controversial call that most likely robbed them of the win. The first baseman played his first game after missing ten straight games with a calf injury and made a costly error by sliding into first base. The slide caused Teixeira to re-injure his calf and could cost him the rest of the season. A big man like that should never slide. It just looks painful. This is the last thing the Yankees need who cannot seem to hold onto sole possession of first place in the AL East for longer than a day anymore. This team seems to have a new injury every day. The earliest Tex could return to the field would be Friday, but manager Joe Girardi said he is more likely to miss the season. Could this be the end of the Yankees for the rest of the season? With Tex’s replacement, Nick Swisher, struggling so mightily at the plate this could be disastrous. This is not the lineup of championship team. I am sure Mets and Red Sox fans are all secretly celebrating their foes struggles on the field.