As I tweeted last night, Peyton Manning is already the obvious MVP choice and has overshadowed little brother Eli. All is right in the world again. Last night’s Sunday Night Football marked the big return of the elder Manning brother and his debut as a Denver Bronco. It was a big night for everyone, especially Manning himself who admitted, “I’m still feeling my way out; I still have some limitations. I think this team is still forming its identity … when you get a win in that process, that’s a nice thing.” Well he definitely did not look like he had any limitations. He joined an elite club last night by throwing his 400th touchdown pass. He joins Brett Farve and Dan Marino (some pretty elite company there). The Steelers were no match for Manning who looked equally as clutch as brother Eli did in the fourth quarter. Manning finished with 253 yards and two touchdown passes. Another player making their debut as a Bronco, Tracy Porter, made a huge interception in the fourth to set up one of Manning’s touchdown passes and solidify their team’s win. Porter and Manning have quite the history as Porter was famous for picking off Manning’s throw in Super Bowl XLIV. “Though we haven’t talked about it, it’s kind of understood that the play happened,” Porter said. “He and I now, we’re working together — we’re both from Louisiana, both trying to get back to New Orleans.” I am sure they will be asked about this interception all season long. Tim Tebow who?