The world must be coming to an end. New York Jets “main” quarterback Mark Sanchez proved all the critics wrong with an impressive Week 1 game against the Buffalo Bills, but that is far from the best part of his life. He gets to come home to one of the most beautiful and talented women in all of Hollywood. So who is the older woman that seems to have Sanchez throwing with more accuracy than he ever has? Eva Longoria! The former Mrs. Tony Parker was outed by her good friend and Extra host Mario Lopez. When asked about their relationship, Longoria replies, “You’re an asshole! Mark and I are fine. We’re happy just dating.” Maybe she is the Jets lucky charm. Most likely not as they are without cornerback Darrell Revis and tight end Dustin Keller. This sounds like another recent couple making headlines.. both woman dated basketball players and were on shows that ended with the word “Wives”. Hopefully this one doesn’t end with a headbutt.

How did Sanchez land her?