It was a crazy game that no one knew which way it would end. At first the game showed off wide receiver Vincent Jackson’s ability to make huge plays down the field. The Giants’ secondary has been under much scrutiny after they lost cornerbacks Terrell Thomas and Prince Amukamara. Amukamara was hoping to play this week, but was ruled inactive. The first half was one that Mr. Elite will definitely try to never think about again. Manning threw three interceptions that resulted in 21 Tampa Bay points. Manning ended up turning one of his worst outings into his best. He had a career high 510 yards and the team ended the day with a total of 610 yards. It was an awful half for New York especially after they lost left tackle David Diehl, running back Ahmad Bradshaw, and wide receiver Domenik Hixon. All were able to walk off the field, but were unable to return to the game. The Giants were down 24-13 and looked like they were about to go 0-2 to start the season. BUT, the comeback that no one saw coming actually happened. Eli Manning remembered how to make those clutch passes that fans became so accustomed to and Andre Brown truly stepped up to fill the void Bradshaw’s absence left. Both Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz had huge games. Nicks who is still suffering from that foot injury had 199 yards and gave Giants reassurance that he is always going to give his all in the game. However, the real hero of the game had to be Victor Cruz who was not only coming off an awful game, but also a rough time in his personal life. Cruz lost his grandmother on Monday and laid her to rest only two days previously to Sunday’s game. No one knew how Cruz would perform while having such a heavy heart. Cruz finished with 179 yards and the game winning touchdown. When he finally got in the end zone and did his traditional salsa dance, he looked up to the sky as if to say that was for you grandma. Teammates came up to Cruz and showed their support, while the fans roared for their hometown hero and showed that they will always be there to support him. It was great to watch the Super Bowl Champs turn such a dreadful outing into a great come from behind victory. They gave their fans something to believe in for the rest of the season. It can be said that last week’s loss is almost forgiven. The only way it will be totally forgiven is if they go into Dallas and leave Romo on the ground for most of the game.