The game may still be going on, but there is one real winner in this game. Torrey Smith. A player has not shown this much heart in quite some time. This article is dedicated to Torrey and the brother, Tevin, who he lost this morning.

Torrey and Tevin Smith

Torrey Smith was the oldest of seven children all born to a single mother. His mother was busy working at night and going to school during the day, so he was left to raise his six siblings. He maintained impressive grades and went on to University of Maryland. However, tonight was his true test of character. Smith received a phone call early this morning informing him that his 19-year-old brother had died in a motorcycle accident. Tevin was riding his bike in Virginia when he ran off the road and hit a utility pole.

Ravens Head Coach, John Harbaugh, left the decision up to Torrey if he wanted to play in tonight’s big matchup. Most people naturally did not expect to see him there, but his family insisted that he go and play. Before the game, the Ravens had a moment of silence for Smith’s younger brother along with a moment for NFL films creator Steve Sabol.

Not only did Smith play, but he has been delivering in the game. Baltimore may be down 30-21 in the fourth quarter, but Smith has shined. Smith has 127 yards and two touchdowns [and he is still going]. His brother was certainly shining down on him during that touchdown. This won’t be an easy time for Smith and his family, but he has so much support around him from all over the world.