This may be the craziest week of football since the birth of the NFL. Everybody is still up in arms over last night’s game and the final controversial play. So here is a look back at the Top 5 most unbelievable plays of this weekend. Starting with Number 5….

5. Ref throws his hat on the field causing Kevin Ogletree to trip. This is just ridiculous. Referees are legally allowed to throw their hat to mark a spot, however, the game was going on! There was no whistle in which the ball needed to be placed at a certain mark. Ogletree ended up tripping and not being ready for the touchdown pass. Referees are not supposed to get involved during a play, why can’t we fine him for unnecessary roughness because it was unnecessary that he throw his hat.

You can see the hat mid air

4. John Harbaugh was given an unsportsmanlike penalty for simply trying to get the referees’ attention to call a time out. I get the league doesn’t want the referees to be bullied, but then bring back the real refs and make everyone happy! I do not even need to give an opinion, the EXTREMELY in-sync and loud “bullshit” chant that was heard throughout the stadium. It was almost like they had a conductor it was so perfectly executed.

3. Matt Schaub loses part of his ear on a helmet to helmet hit by Joe Mays and Schaub only missed one play. Mays was suspended one game by the league afterward, but come on! The players are taking complete advantage of the ineptitude of the referees. Mays Tyson-ed Schaub!

2. Darrius Heyward-Bey gets knocked out cold and there is no flag on the play. Luckily, this story ended well and Heyward-Bey is completely fine and will be able to return to the field after he passes the standard concussion tests. However, he suffered a direct helmet to helmet hit in the air and was unconscious for over eleven minutes. I guess that doesn’t constitute any kind of penalty…

1. The touchdown that was, but wasn’t really? This play will live on beyond all of us. There is nothing left to say that has not already been said. Clearly the owners do not think that a game changing call is enough to amp lockout talks up. There are no words left for this play, but if you think of anything new and witty please feel free to share it!