It’s the best thing to happen to the game of football since the invention of the game of football! The real referees are back and the replacements can go back to where they came from. A deal was finally reached last night that will allow the real guys to be ready for tonight’s matchup of the Cleveland Browns against the Baltimore Ravens. “Our workplace is safer with the return of our professional referees,” the NFLPA said in a statement Thursday. “We welcome our fellow union members back on our field.”Supposedly, the deal was going to get done this regardless, but I am sure the backlash of Monday’s game sped up the process.

However, the real referee did say that he would have called that catch a touchdown so either way Green Bay fans would have been upset. This time there was just a scapegoat, but what happens when the real referees blow a call? Everyone will hate them again too, so its a love-hate relationship, hopefully this will result in safer play though which is much more important. The players seem to be just as excited. Minnesota punter Chris Kluwe tweeted, “It was a noble experiment, but I think ultimately a failed experiment, from what we’ve seen. It’ll be good not to have to worry about that when we’re on the field. It’s good that it won’t be a distraction anymore.” An experiment it definitely was, but let’s not have this happen again! Thank you replacement referees for trying your very best, no one blames you, but now we finally get the focus back on America’s game starting tonight!