Oh, the New York Jets. Where do you even begin with their loss yesterday? Apparently, the coaching staff isn’t too upset with their quarterback Mark Sanchez who still calls Sanchez their guy. “I think (Sanchez) is definitely our guy,” Ryan said. “I don’t want to get into the what-ifs, this, that or whatever. I just know in my heart, right now, that this is not the time (to change).” How much longer can you throw him out there and let him like a dazed idiot? You just got shut out 34-0! It takes a serious effort to not allow your team the chance to score a single point. That means you’re not even getting into the red zone for a field goal attempt.

Yes, the 49ers are one of the best in the league, but they still have vulnerable points. They did just lose so they are beatable. I really hope the Jets do not put this all on losing Darrelle Revis or any other injury because plenty of teams have major injuries. One of those major injuries coming yesterday to wide receiver Santonio Holmes who will definitely miss at least next week when the Jets face an even better Houston Texans team. Tim Tebow has done absolutely nothing as well so it doesn’t appear that he is the solution to all their offensive woes, but you can’t keep sending Sanchez out there and expect different results. Either they need to pick up a receiver that will make him better or find a new quarterback. My question is… Who has a better chance of wearing a Jets uniform next year, Chad Johnson or Geno Smith? Both would be controversial choices which is what the Jets are known for.