I am no stronger to liking a team that is hard to root for. However, being from the TriState area, to go see those teams (yes, I am talking about the Mets) is still outrageously overpriced. However, if you live in the Houston area, this is not a problem. This is the last series of regular season baseball and for the Astros, the last time they will be in the National League. One might think that fans would come out to send their team off. Unfortunately, when you lose over 100 games and are facing a team who has 99 losses, the Chicago Cubs, no one is coming out. So what exactly is my point of trying to embarrass Astros’ fans? Well, they should go to the game! Tickets are reasonably priced at…. NINE CENTS! That was not a typo, they are really selling tickets for less than a dime. Well, at least the Astros can start fresh in the American League with the number one draft pick next year! Maybe they will actually start making a profit again.