This statistic proves that Tony Romo had a ridiculously atrocious night. The Bears’ defense had more interception returns for touchdown than Tony Romo threw that night. It was the second time in Romo’s career that he threw five interceptions. The Dallas Cowboys have had a similar season to their rival New York Giants. Neither team can quite find consistency. “This has to be a wake-up call for us. I don’t say that nonchalantly. It has to be,” Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said. “You can’t bounce back and forth like this, and try to compete come December-time. You can’t do it. We have been in that situation before. You cannot do it. And we know that, and we’ll get better.” Witten couldn’t have said it better. They have definitely been there and had their quarterback not perform.

The Cowboys have a bye this week so they will have plenty of time to figure things out, but they won’t have much more room for failure as their division does not allow for too many bad performances. At least we got to see that Kyle Orton can still throw a touchdown just in case things don’t pick up for Romo. On the other side, the Bears have to be feeling good after that performance. It appears that Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are in a great groove together and clearly the defense has stepped up. This could be a team that could go far in the playoffs, but I am still not going to put them as my NFC favorite. The Bears also have a bye week, but will face another great quarterback-wide receiver duo in Matthew Stafford and Calvin johnson.