After a ridiculous feud of Twitter, it appears that the epic LeSean McCoy and Osi Umenyiora feud has come to an end. McCoy stated during a radio interview that after the game the two decided to put their differences behind them. As they should! They are both great competitors and this should turn into a friendly rivalry, not that this two will likely ever be spotted getting coffee and gossiping together.

Their feud was fueled after McCoy went on E:60 and explained that he thought Umenyiora is only a fourth-string defensive end which in my opinion is actually praising just how good the Giants’ defensive line truly is. When you have Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul starting with Osi coming in as a sub, that is saying something. That is a truly talented defensive line that is relentless in putting pressure on the quarterback, that is when they want to play on the level that we all know they can play. On Sunday, I do not think that they played as hard as they could. They played against an offensive line that has some injuries that should have allowed them to get to Vick much more than they did. I saw some jogging on the field and that is not how you win a championship. I hope Perry Fewell scolds them for their lack of effort and heart.

Tom Coughlin came out and said that it was his fault for the loss. Coughlin decided to go for a very risky play in having Eli throw down field for Ramses Barden that resulted in offensive pass interference and moved the Giants way back. “We had the game in our possession, we were in field-goal range and we didn’t get it done,” he said. “All of those things, put the blame right here, it is right where it should be. The game was in hand, we let it get out of hand. All the analysis afterward is fine and dandy, that is what we all do for a living, me included. Analyze, analyze, analyze.” Coughlin should have stuck to his conservative ways and just tried to run the clock down and get a few yards here and there. They were only down by two! However, I respect Coughlin taking responsibility for the loss, but for as long as he has been coaching he should not be making those mistakes. This may help the Giants find the consistency that they have been missing this season so far.