Everybody, including Lance Armstrong, always wondered who was responsible for turning the beloved athlete into the USADA. By now everyone is aware that Armstrong has given up his long fight with the USADA about the use of performance enhancing drugs and was banned from cycling for life. Those names have now been released and they are quite scandalous.

Apparently, out of the eleven names given some included Armstrong’s former teammates George Hincapie, Tyler Hamilton, and Floyd Landis are responsible for handing over evidence to the USADA. Wow, if a man can’t trust his teammates who can he trust? Isn’t there some kind of athlete code like don’t rat out the superstar when we are all reaping the benefits from it? This must be devastating to Armstrong who is still dealing with the end of his career and the loss of all the accolades he achieved throughout it. This guy really can’t catch a break right now.