Maybe people in Flushing might not agree, but everyone has to give respect to center fielder Carlos Beltran for his heroics in the postseason. Once again last night, we say just why even Mets fans have to agree that Beltran is one of the best in crunch time. The Cardinals looked dead during last night’s do or die game against the Nationals after Adam Wainwright surrendered six runs in the first three innings. However, they cut the lead down to two in the ninth inning. Who started the rally? None other than Mr. Beltran himself. Beltran finished the night 3 for 3 with 2 walks.

The entire baseball world was stunned to watch the Cardinals rally with two outs in the ninth inning. Closer Drew Storen just could not shut the door as the 45,000 Washington fans fell silent for the first time all night. The Cardinals truly are a team that never gives up. There is something extremely commendable about a team that never gets nervous and plays the game until they are forced off the field. They have the heart to win a championship and show that a repeat could truly in the cards for St. Louis. Yes, this is a team that let Albert Pujols walk in the offseason by the way.