It pains me to write this as a Mets fan, but I have been saying that David Wright to the Yankees is a great option. Yankee fans and front office are pretty much over fallen superstar Alex Rodriguez’s poor play and even worse attitude. If you already benched, why are you going to make yourself look worse and try to flirt with some of the fans? If you are bored throw a baseball at a young fan wearing your jersey (get some good publicity for yourself). It seems that the Yankees are desperately trying to think of a solution to the 100 million dollar mistake of signing Rodriguez for this long.

Across town, there is a completely different situation. The New York Mets have a great third baseman who plays with so much heart and has nothing to show for it. He has made it to the playoffs once in 2006, but that ended on a Beltran strike out. The owners are an absolute joke who have disrespected Wright in the past by saying he is not a superstar. He is going to be a free agent at the end of 2013 and deserves to be locked up for the rest of his career. Unfortunately, the Mets have no money to keep Wright and give him a championship caliber team around him. The Mets may be good in a few years, but is it fair to keep Wright while he is in his prime for a maybe?

These two could be sharing a dugout next year.

If the Yankees can figure something out for Rodriguez, then Wright would be a great addition to that lineup. Not only would his stats go back up in the ballpark, but he is a much better fielder than Rodriguez. As much as Yankee fans do not want to admit it, the Mets do have an advantage at the hot corner. Wright is a guy in his prime that knows how to handle New York media. Not to be forgotten, Wright and Jeter would make one good looking infield. It would be heartbreaking for Wright to walk away to the Yankees, but as a David Wright fan I have to admit he deserves to win. If the Wilpons let Wright walk a year after Jose Reyes did, I cannot imagine this fan base sticking around much longer. The Wilpons either need to ante up and get some real talent or be prepared for ticket sales to plummet even further.