It finally happened for Giants’ defense captain Justin Tuck. He finally got his first sack against rookie phenom RG3. In fact all three defensive ends got in on the action. Apparently Tuck was becoming the butt of many jokes in the locker room. “Finally. It is good to get off the schneid, with Osi and JPP killing me in the meeting room and calling me the old guy,” Tuck said. “It was good to make a play and help this team win a football game.” RG3 is not an easy guy to sack either so the fact that all three got a sack is quite impressive.

RG3 is the real deal. He had so much hype around him coming into the league and he has not disappointed. Yesterday’s game definitely gave the Giants defense a workout as he scrambled all over the field. RG3 and running back Alfred Morris ran all over the Giants yesterday. RG3 had 89 rushing yards alone including a 24v yard run that set up a touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

Eli Manning looked a little off yesterday which is surprising since Eli never seems to have a bad day on the field. He threw two interceptions, but hit receiver Victor Cruz perfectly to set up the game winning touchdown. Cruz had seven catches while Hakeem Nicks and Martellus Bennett each had quiet days and only had five catches. ELi got a little run himself only getting a few yards, but enough for a first down for his team in the second half. Manning may not be as diverse a quarterback as RG3, but he is definitely one of the most clutch players in crunch time.

One member of Big Blue who looked like they were excited for the game was running back Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw had two phenomenal weeks previously, running for 200 yards against the Browns and over 100 yards against the 49ers. Expecting to have earned more touches, Bradshaw appeared upset with head coach Tom Coughlin as he saw reduced carries. “A lot of my emotions kicked in. I just wanted to help my team win as much as possible.” During the game, he even smacked Victor Cruz in the helmet after what Bradshaw described as Cruz not giving his all during a block to allow Bradshaw to pick up more yards.

The outburst of emotion from Bradshaw is not a bad thing. It is great to see players who look as fired up as the crowd. Bradshaw was always like that. It has become more noticeable when his fellow running back Brandon Jacobs took off to San Francisco. RG3 is an unbelievable talent. You expect a rookie to be cautious with such an intimidating pass rush, but he showed he was in control when he was on the field. These two teams have a rematch in Washington on December 3rd. For the Giants, they have a rematch next week with Dallas.