This has been quite a roller coaster for the disgraced LSU star. Honey Badger, real name is Tyrann Mathieu, was arrested today for simple possession of marijuana. Mathieu was once a Heisman trophy finalist, but he has fallen from grace and is more in the news for drugs than football. The cornerback was kicked off the team at LSU and was sent to rehab.

The news for LSU only gets worse as Mathieu was not the only one arrested. Former players Jordan Jefferson, Derrick Bryant, and Karnell Hatcher were also taken in to custody. Jefferson was also charged with simple possession, Hatcher was charged with second offense simple possession, and Bryant was charged with possession with intent to distribute. Bryant’s charge was more serious because most of marijuana was found in his backpack.

Maybe this will be the wake up for Honey Badger? I am not sure how much lower he can do at this point.