As some may have noticed, I was unable to update the site because of Superstorm Sandy.   What a week it was.  I lost power the minute the storm made landfall only to get it back a week later. It was a scary and crazy week.  I had no idea just how bad Sandy was.  All I knew was that every place of business was not open.  Gas stations, supermarkets, and even coffee shops were all without power.  It felt like the world had ended.

My only source of news was from those displaced by the storm.  People flooded my area from all over the shore. As I found out, I was one of the lucky ones.  I saw people’s pictures of boats slammed into buildings and stories of massive flooding.  Suddenly, the Jersey Shore that I came to love was gone.  Everyone in Jersey knows that once it hits 80 degrees there is only one place that you go… down the shore.

All the history of the shore may have washed away, but the memories will forever live on.  Jersey may get picked on, but we are a great state.  I have lived here my whole life and one thing about Jersey is that it never gives up.  We are stubborn almost to a fault, but now it will be used to rebuild everyone’s favorite summer getaway.

New Jersey will rise up from this I can promise everyone that.  We may be down, but we are never out.  Next Memorial Day I know I will be sitting on the beach and reminiscing about this crazy week.  I want to thank everyone who has donated to help rebuild the Jersey Shore.  I greatly appreciate everyone’s contributions to fix my favorite place in the world.

Please keep all those still suffering in your prayers and this Thanksgiving be thankful for the basic things that you take for granted every single day.

To help aid in the rebuilding process, you can donate to the American Red Cross