The number one rule of professional sports is when things are going bad you never point fingers in the media.  Well apparently the New York Jets need some lessons in public relations.  Rumors are coming out the certain players from the team who wish to remain anonymous went to the New York Daily News saying that Tim Tebow has not improved and will not save this team.  First of all, it is pathetic for grown men to remain nameless, but rip one of their teammates.  Say it right to the man! Do not embarrass him and the entire organization by going to the media.

Secondly, clearly whatever the Jets are doing right now is not working for them.  They have gotten demolished three weeks in a row and Mark Sanchez is a big cause of it.  I am not saying that Tebow is the answer because I do not think he is either.  However, when you are struggling as bad as this team is, you have to be open to try every different combination until something starts to click.  I understand they want to stand behind their quarterback, but he is not performing.

Apparently, these anonymous players went even further to rip their receivers as well.  They complained that Sanchez’s options to throw to are “garbage” and they have seen a better receiving corp in college.  Really?  Is this really necessary to do through the media.  These kind of talks need to stay internal and never leave the locker room.  The Jets are a complete mess and they are only making their situation worse.  I am not sure how they still have a strong fan base when the players don’t even believe in each other.  I am sure this is just the beginning of this drama-filled story…..