Byron Leftwich who took a major beating from the Baltimore Ravens last night as Big Ben’s backup.

It seems like some of the best players are going down recently in the NFL.  This week was the “Week of the Backup Quarterback” with Michael Vick, Ben Rothlisberger, Alex Smith, and Jay Cutler all missing their respective games.  So far, Vick and Rothlisberger’s replacements have not faired too well. However, since the 49ers and Bears are playing one another tonight, one backup quarterback has to win.  This is probably the most press backup quarterbacks have gotten since a certain one got traded to a certain New York team, they will stay anonymous.

It seems more key injuries have occurred over the weekend.  Tight end Rob Gronkowski will be out 4-6 weeks as he is nursing a broken forearm.  No one is quite sure how the Gronk broke the bone, but he had surgery today.   The injury came as he was blocking for an extra point attempt in the Patriots’ blow out win over the Colts.  Looking back, this injury could have been prevented because there was no need to really keep any of the stars in the game, but there is nothing you can do now.  The Patriots are already without tight end Aaron Hernandez, but he looks to be coming back fairly soon.

Another major injury occurred in Denver as veteran running back Willis McGahee suffered quite a few injuries.  One of those being a torn MCL in his right knee and a fractured bone in the bottom of his left leg.  Basically rendering both of his legs useless, but the injuries will not require surgery.  He will be out for six to eight weeks which is such a blow for the Broncos who have looked so good recently, however, that was mostly due to MVP quarterback Peyton Maning.

The NFL is really suffering a lot of injuries this year.  It is incredible that there are more injuries this year as compared to last year when there was the lockout.   Defenses are getting flagged much quicker this year as well as officials handing down fines more often.  On a personal not, this is really awful as I have both McGahee and Gronkowski on my fantasy team.