Yet again, Ndamukong Suh has caused controversy during Thanksgiving Day football.    No wonder he was voted the dirtiest player in the league.  Last year, he was shown ON CAMERA kicking Evan Dietrich-Smith after the two got into an altercation during the Lions and Packers game.  This year, he decided to pull the same stunt only this time with quarterback Matt Schaub.

It was considered to be unintentional, but with this guy’s reputation, it seems that he will do anything he can do to take out other players.  He kicked Schaub in the worst possible place for a man to be kicked.  It had to be intentional! This guy clearly has not learned his lesson.  He has been fined, suspended, and ordered to anger management classes and he is still playing like the rules don’t apply to him.  It is a complete disgrace to the league.  He is not better than any other player and cannot get away with taking other players out.  I do not see how the league allows this guy to play every game, yet they are so ready to punish players like Ed Reed who is a good player who plays hard.  There is a difference between being a good defender and a dirty defender and it is official that Suh is not a good defender and just looks for cheap shots that the league has allowed him to get away with.  I think that is a disgrace to the National Football League.