It was the biggest signing in sport’s history since the beginning of time.  On March 21, 2012, the New York Jets acquired Tim Tebow as their backup quarterback.  Don’t believe me?  When was the last time a BACKUP quarterback had a press conference filled with reporters?  When did you ever see a backup quarterback be interviewed by the media?  Tebow was so huge, he made news even when he ran off the practice field with no shirt on.


It seemed like everyone was amicable with Tebow’s arrival.   However, as the year progressed we saw maybe the marriage wasn’t so happy.  Rex Ryan pretty much refused to put Tebow in for longer than one play and when he failed, that would be Ryan’s explanation for his lack of playing time.  The Jets’ season has been a disgrace and now Tebow is said to have ‘fractured ribs’ that kept him out of this week’s game even when Rex benched starter Mark Sanchez and brought in third string quarterback Greg McElroy.  Who needs soap operas when you have the Jets and their drama to watch play out.