It looks like it is going to be a thriller in DC tonight as the Redskins try to reduce the Giants’ lead in the NFC East.  We all know how good the first matchup between these two teams was and fans can expect just as good a game this time around.  Last time these two teams met, RG3 threw one of the greatest throws of his rookie year to Santana Moss that blew open the Giants’ secondary.  Not to be out done by a rookie, the king of fourth quarter comebacks, Eli Manning threw an even better pass to salsa expert Victor Cruz.


Since the game, the Giants have stumbled, but looked to return to their Super Bowl Champion form last week against the Green Bay Packers.  The Redskins, on the other hand, have been rolling beating the Eagles and Cowboys in back to back weeks.  While beating an awful Eagles team and a not so impressive Cowboys team, the Redskins have put themselves in a position in which they can take the NFC East title from the Giants with a win tonight and a continued winning streak.  How likely is this to happen?  Not very in my opinion.  The Giants have one huge advantage over RG3, they are veterans.  They know how to win and how a full NFL season goes.  There is no other team who knows how to win in crunch time better than the Giants.  This will be a close game, but some fourth quarter magic by Eli will give the Giants the win and a comfortable lead in the NFC East for once.

Not to mention, the Redskins and particularly RG3 are about to start suffering from the Skip Bayless curse.  Don’t believe me?  Check out my article on the one fan nobody should want: here