Winter Meetings have been going and more and more deals have been made between players and teams.  Some have decided to stay and others have departed for other teams.  Here are some notable transactions:

♦ The New York Mets have actually done the right thing and signed third baseman and de facto captain David Wright: 8 years for $138 million [Congrats for finally getting it right Wilpons!]

♦ The Seattle Mariners have signed left fielder Jason Bay: 1 year for $22 million [the rest owed to him by the Mets after they cut him]

♦The Washington Nationals have signed pitcher Dan Haren: 1 year for $13 million

♦The World Series champs San Francisco Giants have resigned second baseman Marco Scutaro: 3 years for $20 million

♦ The Boston Red Sox have signed center fielder Shane Victorino: 3 years for $39 million

♦ The Arizona Diamondbacks have signed infielder Eric Chavez [leaving the Yankees with no third baseman option]: 1 year for $3 million

♦ The Chicago White Sox have signed infielder Jeff Keppinger: 3 years for $12 million

There are still many deals set to take place and it looks like players will end up in places that no one expected them to.