120312-sports-KASANDRA-PERKINS-jovan-belcher-murder-suicideThis story is memorable for the shock and sadness that it brought to the NFL and the world in general. When word first spread that a Kansas City Chiefs player had committed suicide at the team’s training facility, everybody was already shocked and devastated.  When the news went further that the player, who turned out to be linebacker Jovan Belcher, had killed his girlfriend and mother of his 3 month old daughter before turning the gun on himself people were stunned and at a loss for words.  What could have caused this young man to commit such a violent crime when things looked so bright from the outside?  Many have speculated on what drove Belcher to take such serious action, but I do not think that is what we should focus on.  Two lives were taken too early and a little girl will never know her parents.   It is not right for this little girl to see negative things posted about her father and I will not judge him because I do not know the entire situation.  This was definitely a moment that changed the NFL and the way everyone looked at professional athletes. RIP Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins.