What makes a true athlete?  It is more than just physical stature.  It is about hard work and heart.  We all learned that over the summer, as we watched Jonnie Peacock break world records.  He did it without his right leg.  At age five, Peacock contracted meningitis that destroyed the tissue in his right leg forcing doctors to have to cut it off above the knee. Growing up, Peacock wanted to be a normal boy and play football.

The doctors who performed his surgery told him about a day just for Paralympics sporting events.  Peacock started his quest for gold in May when he won his first international race in Manchester at the Paralympic World Cup.   He then moved onto The 2012 Summer Paralympics where he won the gold for the 100m.  He also broke the record, running the distance in an impressive 10.90 seconds.  If that is not inspiration to not let anything stand in your way, then I am not sure what is.