It is not often that a player can come along and capture the hearts’ of every New Yorker quite like Jeremy Lin did this year.  He even had his own catchy nickname “Linsanity”.  Jeremy Lin was able to take a Knicks team that was struggling so much and somehow put them back on a winning pace.   The Knicks were without superstar Carmelo Anthony and needed someone to bring back excitement to the Garden.

However, all good things must come to an end.  Carmelo came back and didn’t appreciate Lin taking away all his shine.  Then, there was the knee injury that kept him sidelined for the rest of the season and finally, there was the snub by the Knicks who did not offer to match the contract Lin was given by the Houston Rockets and he was shipped off to Texas.  However, Linsanity will never be forgotten for any Knicks fan.