It is unbelievable where both of these teams stand currently.  The New York Knicks currently have a hold of first place in the Eastern Conference, with a record of 16-5.  That includes two blowout victories against the defending NBA Champions Miami Heat.  Carmelo Anthony has really stepped up  into an MVP candidate and Jason Kidd has shown that no matter the age, he is still a force to be reckoned with.

The Lakers have been a mess all season. From firing head coach Mike Brown five games into the season to loss of point guard Steve Nash to the lack of winning from this team, nothing seems to be going right.  Dwight Howard can’t make a free throw if you paid him and head coach Mike D’Antoni might be in over his head.  Superstar Kobe Bryant is known for being confident, but has lately seemed deflated.

However, Kobe has done some incredible things in the Garden.  He is one of those players who loves having the spotlight on him.  So what happens tonight?  Do the Lakers come in and dominate MSG like they know they can do or do the Knicks beat another power house team and cement their place in the NBA?  I have no idea what will happen tonight, but it will interesting.  I predict the Lakers to squeak by just because of how good Kobe has been in the Garden and they need a win so badly.  East Coast vs. West Coast- who you takin?