The NFL currently uses a twelve team playoff system. The NFC and AFC each have six slots for teams; four are the division winners and two wild-card spots.  This seems to be the most fair and easy to comprehend playoff picture.  However, leave it to Roger Goodell to try and ruin a good thing.  As if he was not enough hot water for having former commissioner Paul Tagliabue overturn Goodell’s findings in the Saints’ “BountyGate” scandal, he decided to make an outrageous claim that the playoffs should be expanded.

Let’s put this into perspective…. If the playoffs were to expand this year, the New York Jets would be vying for a shot at the Lombardi trophy.  Yes, the same Jets team that brought us this beautiful moment on Thanksgiving:

mark-sanchez-butt-fumbleThe playoffs are supposed to be a reward for those teams who worked even harder than the other teams and that excelled this season.  Allowing teams that don’t truly deserve to be there to enter into the playoffs would not be right.  Not only is it not fair, but you preach player safety and you are now making them play more all-or-nothing games.  You are only asking for more players to get hurt.   Just like your 18 game season, this is another plan of yours that should never even be considered.   You were just embarrassed by your mentor and linebacker Jon Vilma, try to lay low.  People are already laughing at you, do not make crazy suggestions right now.