*I was supposed to write this yesterday, but in light of the tragedy I just wanted to disconnect from technology and spend the day with loved ones and did not think that anyone was interested in sports.*


How can we forget the day that Roger Goodell made the New Orleans Saints look like the villains in the NFL.    During the “Bountygate” investigation, he punished anyone and everyone he felt was responsible for intentionally trying to hurt players and get paid for it.  He handed down suspension to general manager Mickey Loomis, head coach Sean Payton, assistant coach Joe Vitt, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, and players Jon Vilma, Scott Fujita, Will Smith, and Anthony Hargrove.  The way the Saints’ organization was viewed was forever changed.

Fast forward a few months later, the players, especially Jon Vilma, never admitted guilt and fought this ruling tooth and nail.  In July, the Saints players took action and went under oath to say that no bounty ever existed; seven players testified to that and two other players, including quarterback Drew Brees, signed sworn affidavits.   Goodell overstepping his authority was called into question and it became a debate if whether or not Goodell had the power to hand down those punishments.

This week, the players finally received vindication when former commissioner Paul Tagliabue vacated all punishments and blame.  Instead, Tagliabue placed the blame on the coaches and coordinators. Jon Vilma did not find that enough and is going forward with his defamation suit against Roger Goodell.