Oh, the New York Jets.  They might be one of the worst teams in the NFL, but they are definitely the most entertaining.  The one moment that summed up their entire season had to be on Thanksgiving.  They were set to play their biggest rivals in Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

They were already down 20-0 and it was not even half time.  It sounds like it can’t get much worse, but boy did it ever! We see the Jets run some kind of trickery play in which quarterback Mark Sanchez held onto the ball and was supposed to run up the middle.  Well, this is why your parents always told you to look straight and watch where you’re going.  Sanchez ran straight into the backside of Brandon Moore.  Not only did he get smacked in the face, but Sanchez also fumbled the ball that resulted in a Patriots touchdown.  Ouch… it doesn’t get much worse than that.