It is one of the biggest rivalries in all of football.  These two teams have a long history together and it has never been pretty.  These two teams have a lot to play for.  With a win, the Packers lock up the NFC North and possibly a bye in the first week of the playoffs.  The Bears started off as one of the hottest teams in football.  Their defense was unstoppable and made you pay for any mistakes your team made.  However, they seemed to have a wall and look like a shell of their former selves. The Bears look to hold onto the wild card spot they currently hold, but they have plenty of teams coming for their wins.

I do not see thing getting better for the Bears this week.  I think the Packers have been too dominate lately and will continue to roll and lock up the NFC North.  The Bears will have their playoff spot in serious jeopardy after this week.  More importantly,  who you takin?