Everyone has heard about what took place two weeks ago involving Cowboys player Josh Brent.  Brent was arrested  for intoxication manslaughter after he drove drunk and killed his passenger and good friend, Jerry Brown.  Brent made bail and was released from prison.  He has not played since the tragic accident, but today it was noticed that he was on the sideline of the Dallas-Steelers game.

This is absolutely disgusting.  This man made a dumb decision that resulted in the loss of a teammate’s life.  He does not belong on the sideline with the rest of the players.  He should have been banned from the stadium.  I understand the team wants to “support” him, but he does not need to be there smiling and laughing.  I am thoroughly disgusted with the Cowboys organization for allowing this.  Instead of trying to expand the playoffs, Commissioner Goodell should ban this man from being around anything involving the NFL.  He lost that privilege when he got behind the wheel  drunk the day before a game.