Their season might be collapsing, but at least the Baltimore Ravens will have one bright spot in star running back Ray Rice.  A fourth down conversion was what separated the Ravens saving their season and ending it right then and there.  One or two yards definitely manageable, but 29 yards?  That is definitely a lot harder.  Instead of trusting Joe Flacco to make an accurate throw, which we know he probably would not have done, the Ravens let Rice run the ball and let him do his thing.  Rice was open for the short pass from Flacco and ran all kinds of lateral moves and jukes down the field to pick up 30 yards and more importantly the first down.  This set up the game timing field goal and allowed the Ravens to win in overtime.  Some credit has to go to Anquan Boldin for a serious block at the end of Rice’s run.  Maybe the Ravens should look at this play again and realize that Ray Rice needs to touch the ball more and Flacco needs to throw less.