28mets2_337-articleLargeThe trade has officially happened.  It took all weekend, but R.A. Dickey is off to Canada.  The Mets have dealt the Cy Young winner, but it looks like it was actually a smart move.  The Mets are notorious for making extremely bad deals, however, General Manager Sandy Alderson has vowed to change that and it looks like he has.  While Dickey was a fan favorite, no one was sure how much longer he be in the National League.  As a member of the Blue Jays, he will be in the American League and will not be required to hit.

The Blue Jays have made it clear that the plan to compete this year and adding Dickey was a great move.  They now have a solid rotation after that mega deal with the Miami Marlins in which they received Josh Johnson and Mark Buerhle.  While the Mets, on the other hand, are not quite ready to compete in 2013, but are making steps towards building a playoff team for years to come.  First they locked up David Wright for the rest of his career, which was probably the best move they could make and instead of just letting Dickey walk, they received two great prospects in catcher Travis d’Arnaud and pitcher Noah Syndergaard.  In addition, the two teams switched catchers the Mets sending Dickey’s primary catcher Josh Thole and the Blue Jays sending newly acquired John Buck.   This is a great move for both teams and I am so happy the Mets are finally doing something right.