Along with everyone else, I could not help but have an opinion on the current quarterback situation with the New York Jets. While I agree that they made the right in benching Mark Sanchez, I do not believe they are treating Tim Tebow with any respect. The Jets’ front office made a big spectacle of acquiring the quarterback, but if head coach Rex Ryan had no intention of ever playing him.

I am not a Tebow fan personally, but he does deserve to be treated with respected.  Clearly, acquiring him was just another media spectacle that the Jets are famous for doing.  It is embarrassing to the entire Jets organization how poorly Tebow is being treated.  It is not as though Tebow was even given a fair chance to prove his worth.  Their season is over why not just let him play in one of the last two games of the season.

I would disgusted if I was apart of this organization.  Tebow has done absolutely nothing wrong to deserve all the backlash that he has received.  Nothing can be worse than letting Mark Sanchez go out there and throw the game away.  Just give the guy a chance to at least other teams can see that he still has some ability and will be interested in acquiring him.