This was one of the craziest stories from the very beginning.  Everything Chad Ochocinco has ever done has been over top.  He has never been one to keep his private life, well private.  So of course when he started dating reality star Evelyn Lozada it had to be filmed.  Ocho and Lozada had their own show coming out following them around as the planned their wedding together.  Well, the good news is they did make it down the aisle, but it only lasted a month and it ended in an even more dramatic fashion than it started.

Chad Ochocinco And Evelyn Lozada WeddingSo what drove this perfect pair to divorce?  It all started with Chad headbutting Evelyn during an argument in which she accused him of cheating.  A head butt?  Who head butts their wife?  Well, I am sure it will forever be Chad’s biggest regret in life as he was arrested which resulted in him losing his wife and his job with the Miami Dolphins.  However, it seems that these two could possibly reconcile as Evelyn recently went to court and dropped the restraining order against Chad.  Maybe they are the sports version of Chris Brown and Rihanna?