It seems like the New York Giants really love the drama.  Yet again they are in a win-and-in situation.  The Giants who were once the kings of the NFC East this season, have some how fallen into third place in a three way tie with Dallas and Washington. So what happens now to the defending champs?

Nobody knows because nobody knows which team will show up.  These last two games are extremely winnable for the Giants, if the team that played Green Bay and San Francisco shows up.  The Giants play a fumbling Ravens team who seem to be in more trouble than the Giants, but they have already secured their playoff spot.  If the Giants want any chance of making a run like last year, they must come out again like they never won.  They need that hunger again that drove them to the Super Bowl.

flacco sacked polamalu

We have seen that the Giants are capable of doing damage in the playoffs when it is all clicking, but when things are not going right, it can get ugly.  Tomorrow will give the struggling defensive line a boost as they face a week offensive line and a vulnerable quarterback in Joe Flacco. With the Ravens not using Ray Rice in critical situations,  it should work in the Giants favor since the Giants have had problems stopping the run all season.


So which team shows up tomorrow?  I am thinking we will see a much better team tomorrow.  They were humiliated in Atlanta and for the Giants that normally means they are coming for blood.  A huge addition for the Giants is they will get leader Ahmad Bradshaw back at least on the sidelines.  Bradshaw is one of the toughest Giants and he will make sure that no one quits. (remember when he slapped Cruz’s helmet?)  Safety Antrel Rolle also said that he was dealing with some neck issues last week, but this week he is ready to take some guys down. Good news for the Giants, the Ravens emotional leader Ray Lewis will not play in tomorrow’s game. Rolle admitted that he got his leadership qualities from watching Lewis and then playing with Ed Reed. I guess we just have to wait and see for tomorrow’s game..