Just in time for the holidays, is a great story of a young man overcoming his physical disability to play a sport that he loves.  Landus Anderson is one of the best high school players in Florida.  So what is so great about his story?   Anderson has not been able to use his right arm since birth. At birth, the nerve that controls the right arm separated from the spinal cord.    He is fully capable of doing every day things, such as driving.  However, it was his talent on the court that caught everyone’s attention.  He was averaging 19 points during his junior year which earned him an invite to play with Nike Team Florida.  This was huge especially in Anderson’s quest for a college scholarship. Hopefully this is not the last that we have heard from Landus and he will make his dreams of playing for a Division 1 college come true.  We are all rooting for him!

For the skeptics who don’t think this guy can ball, check him out: