afp-513378763-4_3_r560It was definitely not a good year to be Lance Armstrong. The former sports hero pretty much lost everything he has earned over his career including his charity LiveStrong.  Armstrong has long been considered one of the best cyclists ever.  He won seven Tour de France titles even while battling testicular cancer.  People had long been suspicious that Armstrong may be getting some artificial help to win all these titles.  Armstrong has always been adamant that he never used steroids and was always willing to fight these accusations.

However, in October, eleven of Armstrong’s former teammates turned against him and testified to the US Anti-Doping Agency that Armstrong had used steroids in the past.  Wow, I do not think we have ever seen an athlete receive so much backlash for using steroids.  Lance lost everything including all seven of his titles, most of his endorsements, and his partnership with Nike. However, the saddest thing for Lance to walk away from had to be his charity LiveStrong that has raised millions of dollars for cancer victims.

It was incredibly sad to see Armstrong have to separate himself from the charity that he was such a big part of.  Lance Armstrong the athlete may have been a fraud, but Lance Armstrong the charity man did some great things for cancer research.  I can’t imagine Armstrong making a comeback in 2013, but stranger things have happened.