200px-If_I_did_It_2This may be one of the more controversial memoirs written by an athlete. O.J. Simpson’s life was not always that way, but things took a crazy turn when he met his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. The book starts out when the two first meet. Simpson was still married to his first wife and Nicole was a barely legal waitress.  Throughout the book, OJ recounts the up and down relationship constantly reminding the reader how much he loves her.  When he finally does get to the day of the murder, it is chilling to hear how he “would have” killed her.  He tells you that he had a knife, that his clothes were bloody, that he saw Ron and Nicole lay there dead, and that he rushed home to take a shower and get rid of the bloody clothing.  It almost seems like he is mocking us by admitting to all those events, but saying he can’t remember how the clothes became bloody.  It is a very interesting tale that shows how a picture perfect marriage can go so horribly wrong.  I am sure that they did fight, but to make accusations against a person who cannot defend themselves is just wrong.  Throughout the book, Simpson constantly pushes the idea that Nicole was hanging around a ‘rough’ crowd and insinuating that she was addicted to drugs.  I wouldn’t recommend reading this only because it is extremely biased and it seems like Simpson is looking for sympathy for being ‘framed’.  No matter which way you stood on the trial’s outcome, this book does not help make things any clearer.