Bengals-TexansOne teams is peaking at just the right time, while the other seems to have fallen flat on their faces in recent weeks.   The Bengals started this season awful at 3-4 including a four game losing streak.  However, since then they have gone 7-1 and the one loss was a last second field goal made by Dallas.  The Texans are a much different story.  This team started the season red hot.  They started the season 5-0 before suffering an embarrassing loss to Green Bay.  They then went on another run, winning six straight before losing to the Patriots in an embarrassing fashion once again.  Since then, the Texans have not played well and lost the number one seed in the AFC and a first week bye.  Something is just not clicking for the Texans right now and I don’t think that quarterback Matt Schaub is ready for the pressure.  Whenever they have had big games, this team just doesn’t seem to deliver.

I think the Cincinnati Bengals will advance in this one.  The Texans will play better than they have in recent weeks, but they will fall just short.  It is sad to see the Texans not reach their full potential because there is so much talent there.  Plus, the Bengals need a win in the playoffs already.  They have not won since 1991; to put in perspective I was only a few months old and star receiver A.J. Green was only two! So, Cincinnati Bengals or Houston Texans, who you takin?