These teams just met six days and it didn’t go the way Aaron Rodgers had wanted it to.  The MVP quarterback tried to bring his team back into the game, but was let down by the terrible Green Bay defense. However, this time everything is on the line and these teams will meet in the tundra known as Green Bay, Wisconsin. This game will come down to how well the Packers offensive line protects Rodgers.  If the Minnesota defense is constantly getting pressure on him, then I think the Vikings will advance.  However, if he is allowed to throw for four or five touchdowns, there is no way Christian Ponder will keep up.  Adrian Peterson regardless will get over a 100 rushing yards so if they can limit Rodgers on the field, the Vikings will win this.

However, after being knocked out after the game at home, I can’t imagine Green Bay going down like that again.  I think this team comes out strong especially now that some big weapons are healthy again.  Safety Charles Woodson and receiver Randall Cobb are said to be active and ready to play today. Peterson will get the yards, but the Vikings will fall short.   Green Bay or Minnesota, who you takin to advance?