nfl_u_mannlew_576It is Peyton Manning’s first playoff game for Denver and it could potentially be Ray Lewis’ last game ever.  Everyone knows what’s on the line, and nobody wants to be sent home with nothing.  For Peyton it would be a magical way to end his comeback year and for Lewis it would be the perfect ending to a great career.  These two men have met many times , Peyton was Indianapolis, but he has always had the Ravens’ number.  The most memorable loss came when the Colts’ won 15-6 in the 2006 divisional round in which they went on to win the Super Bowl.

People are predicting the weather to be a major factor, but I can’t see that.  These teams are veterans and have played in cold weather plenty of times.  It will only be a problem for the fans who are preparing to watch the game at the stadium.  However, if this game becomes all about offense, I don’t see Joe Flacco keeping pace with the future Hall of Famer.  The Broncos should win this one pretty easily as long as Peyton plays at the same rate he has been playing at all year.  Unfortunately, this will be the last time we see Ray Lewis on the field.  Broncos or Ravens, who you takin?