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133650-650-366The Knicks may have won the first battle, but the Lakers think they have found their saviors.  Yes, Steve Nash and Pao Gasol have returned for the second match-up of these two teams.  The last time these two teams met in New York, they both watched from the bench.  Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony are both leading the league in scoring so this will be a very high scoring game if these two get hot.  The Lakers have seemed to start turning things around and look to continue their winning streak.

Steve Nash is a huge addition for the Lakers as he fits into the D’Antoni offense.  However, don’t sleep on the Knicks who remain one of the best teams in the league right now.  Amar’e Stoudemire did travel with the team, but will not play today.  The Knicks have filled his void very nicely almost to the point that he may be a bench player.

I think Kobe is more pumped for this game and will continue his 30 points a game streak.  He knows how to play on Christmas and how to defend his stadium.  I think the Lakers come out with the win.  The Knicks will hang around, but the Lakers are on a roll right now.  Lakers or Knicks, who you takin?



130041-650-366It is Jeremy Lin’s return to Madison Square Garden and it seems like he is the only one not excited about it.  The Knicks have been rolling through the season, but they might be without superstar Carmelo Anthony for another game.  He suffered an ankle injury in the game against the Lakers and has yet to play a game since.  He is considered a game-time decision.  The Rockets have been doing very well as well.  Both James Harden and Jeremy Lin have been good for their new teams. They still have some holes in their team, but I definitely expect this to be a close game.  With or without Carmelo I expect the Knicks to win this one.  So, even though Lin is not excited for the game, who you takin in tonight’s matchup?



It is not often that a player can come along and capture the hearts’ of every New Yorker quite like Jeremy Lin did this year.  He even had his own catchy nickname “Linsanity”.  Jeremy Lin was able to take a Knicks team that was struggling so much and somehow put them back on a winning pace.   The Knicks were without superstar Carmelo Anthony and needed someone to bring back excitement to the Garden.

However, all good things must come to an end.  Carmelo came back and didn’t appreciate Lin taking away all his shine.  Then, there was the knee injury that kept him sidelined for the rest of the season and finally, there was the snub by the Knicks who did not offer to match the contract Lin was given by the Houston Rockets and he was shipped off to Texas.  However, Linsanity will never be forgotten for any Knicks fan.


He might not have played in a single game this season, but 2012 is a great year for New York Knicks’ star Amar’e Stoudemire.  Yesterday, on 12-12-12 Amar’e made an honest woman out of his fiance Alexis Welch.  It was a very intimate ceremony and none of the Knicks were there.  They got married in front of their three children on the rooftop of their New York City apartment building.  Amar’e tweeted out: “12.12.12 now has a special & spiritual meaning for us…” along with a picture of the couple’s fingers with their new wedding bands on them.  Congrats to the couple and hopefully Amar’e will be back on the court in no time!


So your team got knocked around in the first round of the playoffs and you cut open your hand and broke fans’ hearts by not playing in a couple of game, Amar’e Stoudemire what do you do now with your free time? You get engaged to the mother of your children!!! He did it with class too, in Paris!! Alexis Welch has been with Stoudemire since 2002 and they have three children together. The rock cost the baller a pretty penny, like a million dollars. “I have been planning my proposal for a while and overlooking the entire Paris skyline seemed like a perfect place,” Stoudemire said in a statement. “I am so happy she said ‘Yes’ and now we can continue to build our life together as husband and wife.” It sounds like a true fairy tale for the two of them. Congrats to both and Amar’e better treat her like a queen and stop messing around with other girls! This is the girl that has always been there for you Amar’e even when you cut your hand open and Knicks’ fans wanted your head on a stick!

It seemed as though people were starting to realize the right way to act, however that streak came to an end. One person in particular was the worst of the worst. It really pains to see him get the honor since I love him as a player, but Amar’e Stoudemire really messed up last night. After his team lost again to the Miami Heat, Stoudemire decided to take his anger out on a defenseless fire extinguisher. Well, a pillow would have been a much better option because now he can’t play in Game 3. He might not even be able to play in Game 4 which is expected to be the return of Jeremy Lin. So by taking out his anger for not winning, he just took himself out of the series and possibly his team out of the playoffs. He was seen leaving Miami’s arena in a sling after getting medical attention. “Half of his hand was just hanging off. It was really bad. Blood was just squirting out. That’s why they had the paramedics come in, because they thought he might have punctured an artery because of how much blood was coming out.” His excuse for hitting it so hard? He thought it was plastic…… Amar’e just for thinking that, you deserve this honor and recognition.