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Kevin Durant has always had the persona of a nice guy on and off the court.  He always seems to maintain his composure.  However, in recent games we have seen frustration get the best of the three time scoring champion. Over the course of three games, Durant has been given three technical fouls including two technicals against the Brooklyn Nets that resulted in his first ejection ever.  Feeling that he let his fans down, Durant took to his Twitter and apologized for his recent performance.  “3 techs in 3 games, not like me…@KendrickPerkins is a bad influence on my life lol jk..I will be better, sorry guys.”


It was a classy gesture by a great player and guy.  However, could it be frustration setting in?  Most likely.  During that Brooklyn game, the Thunder weren’t playing well.  They actually played horrible.  I wouldn’t dwell on this.  Durant is still a great player and more importantly respects the game of basketball.  I wouldn’t look too into this.  The Thunder still sits atop their division at 26-7.



A month after winning Coach of the Month, Brooklyn Nets head coach Avery Johnson can find himself on the unemployment line.  The Nets have started to hit a skid and the one getting all the blame seems to be Johnson.  Realistically, it is not very fair to place all the blame on his shoulders, but once point guard Deron William spoke publicly against Avery’s offense, we all knew his job was on the line.  The Nets are not doing that awful.  They are still a .500 team, but everyone expected this team to be blowing the league away and it just has not happened.  This is just another example of the superstar running the entire front office.  However, Williams has not been a superstar and I wouldn’t even call him a star right now.  Look at the bright side Nets fans, maybe this is an opening for Phil Jackson to come back to the NBA.

Nets vs Celtics

Merry Christmas! Along with the trees, decorations, and big guy in the red suit, there is one other tradition.  Christmas Day basketball!  The first game of the day is a new rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets.  The last time these two teams met, it got ugly.  We all remember the pushing fight between Rajon Rondo and Mr. Kim Kardashian, I mean Kris Humphries.

Boston comes to Brooklyn and is looking to end a five road game losing streak and they have already lost to Brooklyn in both match-ups.    Both of these teams are desperate for a win.  Paul Pierce thinks this could be the game to start turning things around.  Kris Humphries is also looking to get things going for himself as he was replaced in the starting line up on Sunday by Keith Bogans.

I cannot imagine Brooklyn sweeping the Celtics this year and the Celtics are much better in big game situations.  I think the Celtics will take this one, but not by much.  Christmas Game 1- Brooklyn or Boston, who you takin?



The New York Knicks are one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now.  The last time these two teams met, the Brooklyn Nets beat the Knicks in a thrilling game that went into overtime.  Injuries have plagued both teams, but the Nets are without Brooke Lopez.  The Knicks have both Carmelo Anthony and Jason Kidd in this game, who have both missed games this season with different injuries.  The Nets are trying to stop a four game losing streak, while the Knicks look for revenge after losing to their crosstown rivals.  So who wins?  I am predicting the Knicks to take this one easily this time.  If the team that played the Heat shows up, this will be an easy one for them.  So, who you takin?


Who can forget the Dwight Howard saga?  He was the most talked about player since I don’t even remember.  It wasn’t just that he is one of the best centers in the league, but the constant drama surrounding him.  He made it very clear just how unhappy he was in Orlando.  Not the nicest thing to do considering he was adored by the city, but okay they weren’t giving you a championship caliber team to play with. We all get it.  He was such a diva that he said that he would only go to Brooklyn.  So where did Dwight end up?

Well, finally after months and months of speculation and rumors, the superstar made his way to the Los Angeles Lakers. Not quite Brooklyn, but it is definitely an upgrade from Orlando (talent-wise that is).  However, the Lakers have a losing record and Howard has come under fire recently  for his horrendous foul shooting.  Sounds like another famous big man that once wore yellow and purple….

On a side note, happy birthday Dwight Howard!

Last night’s Boston game will probably be  remembered for the epic fight that broke out between Kris Humphries and Rajon Rondo. However, there was another big moment that showed that Brooklyn might be legitimate contenders in the East, that is if the Big 3 in Miami get traded and Derrick Rose never comes back from injury.  Anyways, above is a video of newly acquired Net Joe Johnson breaking Paul Pierce’s ankles.  Yes, THE Paul Pierce in Boston.  Paul may have lost a step here and there as he has gotten older, but not many can say they have crossed him up quite like that.  So, is it the best play so far?

Here is the footage from tonight’s Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics game of the fight that broke between Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries.  Apparently, it all started when Kris Humphries appeared to push Kevin Garnett and Rondo got in his face to defend his teammate.  Winner of this fight?  I would have to give it to Rondo, even though the Celtics lost the fight, he definitely held his own against a guy who has some serious height on him.  Humphries should really just stick to fighting with his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian.  That seems to be more of a fair fight and people might actually want him to win.